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Chattanooga Nature Center

Chattanooga Nature Center
400 Garden Road
Chattanooga, TN 37419

Chattanooga Nature Center Information

The Chattanooga Nature Center was established in 1979, and since that time over 300,000 people have visited this unique and beautiful sanctuary at the base of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. Because we are located in one of the most biologically rich areas of the country, we feel a tremendous responsibility to provide a variety of programming that encompasses our natural heritage and focuses on the importance of local biodiversity. The Chattanooga Nature Center includes: a 1400′ Boardwalk that meanders through a seasonal wetland and lowland forest the Wildlife Wanderland home to our native Animal Ambassadors the George S. Bryan Tree House, one of the largest Tree Houses in the country, built in the branches of a hundred year old Overcup Oak several Native Gardens including a Fragrance Garden, an Organic Community Garden, a Bird and Butterfly Cafe,  Woodland Gardens along the Boardwalk and beside the front ramp to the visitor center, a Winter Garden, the Butterfly Creek Garden, the Morning Sun Garden, the Spring Courtyard Garden, a Rhododendron Garden, the Constructed Wetland Garden and the Gardens in the Wanderland.  (Note:  The plant species in our gardens are mostly natives but not exclusively indigenous to this area.  Some are cultivars or hybrids of native species and a few are noninvasive exotics that have been planted for specific reasons over the years). kids canoeing Lookout Creekan ecologically engineered Constructed Wetland, treating all of the wastes from the Visitor’s Center perfect views of the spectacular Lookout Creek (members may take a boat ride in one of our canoes)! miles of Hiking Trails at adjacent Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Gardens