Airport Parking
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Airport Parking

Airport Parking

Travelers parking in the intermediate lot must pay their parking bill inside the terminal at the Republic Parking check-out booth or use the electronic payment option by swiping their credit card to enter and exit the lot (located in the dome area adjacent to the down escalator). Travelers using the short- and long-term parking lots have the option to pay inside for a quicker check-out or as they exit the parking lot.

Short-term parking

Short-term parking at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, located adjacent to the terminal, is convenient and available for travelers, with passenger pick-ups, departures and arrivals centralized all in one place.

  • Short-term parking rates
    • Per day - $12.00
    • Per each 20 minutes - $.75

Intermediate-term parking

Intermediate-term parking is only a short walk from the terminal, with unlimited use, unlike Atlanta's one to three day restrictions.

  • Intermediate-term parking rates
    • Per day - $7.00

Long-term parking

Long-term parking, located next to the terminal, offers easy accessibility for travelers, unlike big city airports that rely on transportation via monorail or bus shuttle.

  • Long-term parking rates
    • Per day - $7.00

Express Pay Parking

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority (CMAA) has made it easier for travelers to make a quick exit from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. Airport customers can now use the airport's express payment option to pay for their parking before exiting the airport terminal building. "We realize that most of our passengers are in a hurry to get home following a business or leisure trip," said Mike Landguth, President and CEO of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority. "Our passengers can speed up their departure from the Chattanooga Airport by using this payment option. Customers simply pick up their luggage, pay for their parking in the terminal then use the express exit lanes instead of waiting in line at the parking booth."

How does the express parking payment option work?

  1.  A customer comes to the airport and parks in the Short-Term, Long-Term or Intermediate parking lots.
  2. The customer takes their parking ticket with them on their trip.
  3. On their return trip, (after picking up their luggage) they can use one of two Parking Pay Stations located on each side of the Rotunda (first floor) to pay for their parking. For personal assistance, a parking attendant will be available at one exit lane from the Short and Long Term Lots. The machines will recode the parking ticket to give the customer 20 minutes to exit their designated parking lot.
  4. The customer uses one of the express parking lanes to exit the parking lots. The customer simply swipes their parking ticket and the gate will open automatically.